Plus, the maker of Pokemon GO releases an NBA game!
Plus, how do you know when it's time to quit?
Lessons from Annie Duke's new book on when to pivot or cut your losses.
Plus, a deep dive on the Chinese shopping app taking over the U.S.
Plus, Supreme makes a big move!

December 2022

It’s our favorite edition of the year: our annual book list! We’re big readers - Olivia read 106 books this year, and Justine read 100 - so it’s always…
Plus, looking back at our last five years of predictions!
Plus, a new episode of the Twitter Files!
Plus, what comes after the AI avatar era?

November 2022

Plus, Swifties battle Ticketmaster!
Recapping the FTX bankruptcy, Twitter's verification debacle, and Meta layoffs
Plus, a new anonymous social app hits #1!