Sitemap - 2020 - Accelerated

πŸš€ Our top 10 trends for 2021

πŸš€ Bitcoin blows past $20K

πŸš€ DoorDash and Airbnb surge in IPOs!

πŸš€ What was the top app of 2020?

πŸš€ Is Salesforce buying Slack?

πŸš€ The IPO parade marches on!

πŸš€ How much is Supreme worth?

πŸš€ Long live election memes!

πŸš€ NestlΓ© drops $ for a startup

πŸš€ Quibi calls it quits

πŸš€ Zoom launches "Zapps"

πŸš€ Why is Twitter discouraging retweets?

πŸš€ Coinbase courts controversy

πŸš€ Quibi seeks an exit strategy

πŸš€ TikTok finds a lifeline

πŸš€ Facebook throws it back to 2004

πŸš€ Why is Netflix giving away content?

πŸš€ What's with all the S-1s?

πŸš€ Uber and Lyft face down regulators

πŸš€ Fortnite wages war against Apple

πŸš€ Livongo + Teladoc = πŸ’°?

πŸš€ Why is Instagram paying creators for content?

πŸš€ Is TikTok for sale?

πŸš€ Who took down Twitter?

Will the U.S. government ban TikTok?

πŸš€ Discord moves beyond gaming

πŸš€ Luckin Coffee gets booted from Nasdaq

πŸš€ Controversy brews over "Apple tax"

πŸš€ Uber loses out on Grubhub

πŸš€ Facebook employees take a stand

πŸš€ Twitter takes on Trump

πŸš€ Why is Netflix canceling accounts?

πŸš€ Facebook snaps up Giphy

πŸš€ Announcing the 2020 Liftoff List!

πŸš€ Alphabet scraps plans for "tech utopia"

πŸš€ Musk's tweets move Tesla stock

πŸš€ Facebook takes on Zoom!

πŸš€ Would you use a Google debit card?

πŸš€ Quibi finally makes its debut!

πŸš€ Why are some schools banning Zoom?

πŸš€ Is this a turning point for VR?

πŸš€ Startups launch D2C coronavirus tests

πŸš€ Crypto crashes amid market meltdown

πŸš€ A sneak peek at Quibi's launch list

πŸš€ What do you need to raise a Series A?

πŸš€ Coronavirus hits tech earnings

πŸš€ Saying goodbye to HQ Trivia

πŸš€ Does Instagram or YouTube make more money?

πŸš€ One Medical pops at IPO

πŸš€ Announcing the Liftoff List!

πŸš€ Vine 2.0 is finally here!

πŸš€ Away's CEO makes a comeback

πŸš€ Accelerated: Casper files for IPO

πŸš€ Instagram's quiz filters go viral